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Skinvisible Launches DermSafe in Canada and Donates Product to the Canadian Olympic Foundation to Support Team Canada at the Olympic Games in Rio

Protection is on its Way for Canadian Athletes

Las Vegas, NV- July 26, 2016 - Skinvisible Inc., (OTCQB: SKVI), through its subsidiary Kintari Canada Inc., is proud to announce it is has made a donation of DermSafe®, its non-alcohol hand sanitizer lotion, to the Canadian Olympic Foundation offering protection for Canada's athletes during the upcoming Olympic Games in Rio. This coincides with Kintari's launch of DermSafe in Canada.

DermSafe will be distributed to all Canadian athletes and coaches in Rio. Ken Dool, High Performance Director of Sail Canada expressed the importance of the product:

"DermSafe gives both the Canadian Sailing Team athletes and coaches confidence that we can safely approach both training and competition days with the knowledge that we are protected against environmental concerns arising from water quality. The product has proven to be exceptional under the rigours of training in Rio: to date both athletes and coaches have felt confident and protected, while having no side effects for either product use or the constant exposure to Rio's water quality. Sail Canada thanks KINTARI, the producers of DermSafe for supporting our efforts in preparing to take on the world at the forth coming competitions in Rio."

DermSafe is uniquely different than other hand sanitizers. It acts as a long-lasting protective barrier binding to the skin while actively combating the spread of germs between people and hard surfaces, or in this case infected water. It is a non-alcohol lotion made with 4% chlorhexidine gluconate (CHG), an ingredient which has demonstrated long-term persistence in its ability to kill both gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria and viruses. DermSafe has been successfully tested against a host of infectious germs including Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) and Escherichia coli (E. coli).

"We were shocked to read that athletes were using alcohol hand sanitizer over their bodies after they came out of the water in Guanabara Bay to kill any germs that may be on their skin. Kintari wanted to help so we pledged a donation of DermSafe for all Canadian athletes, coaches and support staff." said Terry Howlett, President of Kintari. "Kintari is proud to be involved and hopes that this contribution will help Canadian athletes in their quest for gold!"

Kintari thanks the Canadian Olympic Foundation's airline partner Air Canada for their support in shipping the product to Rio. For more information and how to purchase DermSafe PC contact Kintari at info@kintari.com or call toll free 1-844-KINTARI.

DermSafe will also be available online in August at www.kintari.com select CANADA.

About Skinvisible Pharmaceuticals, Inc.:
Skinvisible Pharmaceuticals is a R&D company that licenses its proprietary formulations made with Invisicare®, its patented polymer delivery system that offers life-cycle management and unique enhancements for topically delivered products. Invisicare holds active ingredients on the skin for extended periods of time resisting both wash off and perspiration along with controlling the release of actives and reducing skin irritation. Kintari Int. Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary markets its cosmeceutical and OTC products.

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