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Invisicare - Benefits:

Invisicare holds active ingredients on the skin for extended periods of time. This allows the active ingredient to perform its function, sometimes at a lower concentration than previously utilized. The result is a protective bond, delivering targeted levels of therapeutic or cosmetic skincare agents directly onto the skin.

Benefits of Using Invisicare:

  • Displays superior skin adherence for extended time periods
  • Resists water wash-off, respiration and perspiration
  • Increased efficacy of ingredients
  • Allows for lower use levels of actives with increased persistence of effect
  • Offers advantage of controlled and/or sustained time-release
  • Highly compatible with a variety of actives and bases
  • Easy to emulsify
  • Formulates well at a cream, lotion, or spray viscosity
  • Non-irritating emulsion dries quickly with no greasy after-feel
  • Non-occlusive film forms protective barrier against environmental irritants
  • Broad polymer selection to meet application requirements


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