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Antifungal Cream with Invisicare:
  1. Product Description
  2. Patent-Pending Formulas
  3. Increased Efficacy with Controlled Release
  4. Exclusive Delivery System
  5. License Available

1. Product Description

Antifungal cream formulations with Invisicare have been designed to maximize drug efficacy as a treatment for pathogenic fungi including: tinea corporis, tinea pedis, tinea versicolor, and tinea cruris.

2. Patent-Pending Formulas

Skinvisible® has developed several antifungal cream formulations with Invisicare. Active ingredients include: (1) clotrimazole, (2) ketoconazole, (3) terbinafine hydrochloride, (4) butenafine hydrochloride, and (5) miconazole nitrate. These patent-pending formulations use various surfactants to control and extend the release of the active ingredients.

3. Increased Efficacy with Controlled Release

Studies have shown that cream formulations with Invisicare achieve a higher release of active antifungal ingredients than standard OTC creams. The clear benefits of this increased release of antifungal ingredients are greater efficacy and shorter duration of treatment.

4. Exclusive Delivery System

At the core of Skinvisible's antifungal cream formulations is the delivery system Invisicare. This proprietary polymer delivery system has been proven to hold active ingredients on the skin for longer periods than any other delivery methods. In vivo studies confirm that Invisicare binds to the skin's outer layer - holding ingredients on the skin for four hours and more and resisting perspiration and water wash-off. Invisicare also forms a protective barrier that helps to keep the skin moist, which is beneficial to the healing process.

5. License Available

Skinvisible is offering the right to license these patent-pending product formulations incorporating Invisicare® for the OTC and prescription pharmaceutical market.


License Available

Please contact us for license information:
Skinvisible Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Phone: 702-433-7154


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Antifungal Cream with Invisicare® Antifungal Cream with Invisicare®

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