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Skinvisible Announces Expansion with a New Scientific Skincare Company

Premium Invisicare Powered Kintari™ Products Go to Market

Las Vegas, NV– August 7, 2014 - Skinvisible Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (OTCQB: SKVI) today announced the forming of Kintari, a new wholly-owned subsidiary to market a premium line of scientifically formulated skincare products powered by the company's patented Invisicare® technology. As part of the Company's strategic focus on revenue generation and creating shareholder value, Kintari will be a direct sales company that will launch products initially in the United States and Canada.

The Kintari product portfolio consists of "Youth Renewed" (YR) anti-aging products to help fight the signs of aging. The Kintari YR product line will include a rejuvenating day cream and a renewing night cream. These products have been developed using proven anti-aging ingredients with scientific evidence of their effectiveness at reducing the look of fine lines and wrinkles resulting in youthful looking skin. These potent ingredients will be powered by our patented Invisicare technology, providing consumers with unique, effective products which cannot be duplicated. Additional products will be added to enhance this product line as the company grows and expands.

Skinvisible has selected the direct sales model for Kintari products as it enables the Company to reach consumers directly and effectively with superior products formulated with the benefits of Invisicare. Skinvisible's founder and President, Mr. Terry Howlett, has substantial experience in the direct sales market having held senior management positions with a leading direct sales company in Dallas, Texas. Mr. Howlett also founded Presley Laboratories Inc., which marketed cosmetic and skin care products on a direct sales basis. Kintari's expansion plans include the addition of experienced personnel from the direct sales industry to be announced shortly.

According to CosmeticsDesign.com, 44% of consumer will buy products that a family member, friend or colleague has recommended and 37% will pay more for that same beauty product if it is endorsed by someone they know personally. Kintari products have an exceptional fact-based scientific story which will lead to referrals from consumers highly satisfied with their results.

"Investment in our new subsidiary Kintari reflects Skinvisible's ongoing commitment to maximize value for our shareholders," said Mr. Terry Howlett, CEO of Skinvisible. "We have ambitious plans for many products. Our R&D pipeline consists of over thirty cosmeceutical and over-the-counter formulations which are available for Kintari to market. Our plan is to leverage the direct sales model to tell the Invisicare story which is the foundation of all our great products." He added, "With the United States and Canadian markets planned for a fourth quarter launch, Kintari will start generating revenue in Q4."

In line with Skinvisible's direct sales strategy, Skinvisible Pharmaceuticals Inc. will continue to build its patent portfolio and its core business of R&D and licensing our prescription product line focused on dermatology conditions.


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